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Morphe Brushes

Stroke Of Luxe 18-Piece Rose Gold Brush Set

Dhs. 430.00


Get swept away with that luxe life, Morphe Babe. Flirty and chic, these 18 synthetic and natural rose-gold brushes will help ya buff, blend, and everything in between.


Set includes:

  1. R30 Oval Foundation Brush (synthetic)
  2. R6 Flat Buffer Brush (synthetic)
  3. R2 Pro Tapered Powder Brush (synthetic)
  4. R7 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush (natural)
  5. R13 Pointed Contour Brush (synthetic)
  6. R4 Pro Angle Blush Brush (synthetic)
  7. R3 Precision Pointed Contour Brush (synthetic)
  8. R8 Pro Flat Contour Brush (natural)
  9. R9 Curved Contour Brush (synthetic)
  10. R36 Pointed Highlight Brush (natural)
  11. R37 Pointed Blender Brush (natural)
  12. R38 Round Blender Brush (natural & synthetic)
  13. R39 Tapered Blender Brush (natural)
  14. R42 Oval Shadow/Concealer Brush (synthetic)
  15. R43 Small Chisel Detail Brush (synthetic)
  16. R41 Pencil Crease Brush (natural)
  17. R44 Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush (natural & synthetic)
  18. R45 Angled Liner Brush (synthetic)